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Our Inspiration





Lola is our inspiration for Lola’s Lagoon and the reason it was set up. She even helped Us renovate the centre from an old barn-getting more into mischief than helping really! 

She did think it was pool, but we secretly shared it with you all when she wasn’t in there! 


Lola struggled with arthritis through Her many joint conditions & Her heart condition from a young age and the warm water was Her sanctuary, Her medicine and Her comfort. A place of pure joy and fun away from the limitations that arthritis gave Her. The water gave Us those extra few precious years together and enabled Her to have a fulfilled & happy life. 


Lolee has been part of some amazing new ground-breaking research into advancing surgeries for animals and people alike and we hope She will help provide better and alternative solutions for animals and people alike in the future through SuperVet's Humanimal Trust.

We like to think our Hydrotherapy centre is now Her legacy and every one of our customers whom walk through the front door is touched by the magic of Hydrotherapy. So next time you are in Our pool please have a very big splash around for Our very special girl, Lola. 

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