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Customer’s responsibilities & Dog treatment terms

1.    Please make sure Your Dog is not fed for at least 2 hours before attending a hydrotherapy session or 2 hours afterwards;

2.    Please ensure Your dog has toileted before entering the premises. We have facilities outside for this in our gated paddock. Please clean up after Your dog;

3.    If Your dog defecates outside then please pick it up- there are bins onsite;

4.    If Your dog defecates in the pool a charge of £100.00 will be added to the cost of your session as the water will have to be treated and other clients will have to be cancelled, if there is a risk due to Your dog’s condition it may be requested that you take the last appointment of the day to avoid this;

5.    Any vomiting or diarrhoea by Your dog at least 48 hours prior to the appointment must be declared;

6.    When leaving Your car please ensure that all dogs are on lead & under control at all times. If You need extra assistance please just ask us for help;

7.    Please arrive in good time and allow up to an hour for your visits-getting to know You and Your dog is very important to us in order to get the most out of the sessions;

8.    You are very welcome to take photos or video footage during Your hydrotherapy session, all we ask in return is if you release onto social media; Facebook etc. that you include our website on the link or Facebook page @lolaslagoon. We also reserve the right to use digital video recording or photographs during Our hydrotherapy sessions which may be then used for marketing purposes. 

9.    Dogs must be in as clean a condition as possible to use Our facilities. Giving Your dog a good brush to remove loose hair before Their session is greatly appreciated;

10. Dogs will not be admitted with contagious or infectious conditions, therefore will not be allowed to use the facilities with any ear, eye, skin or gastric conditions. Bitches in season may not use the facilities until their season is over or it may be suggested You take the last appointment of the day;

11. Owners must notify us if Your Vet or other canine professional has advised Your dog not to swim. It is Your responsibility to ensure Your dog is in good health to swim as Your dog is swam entirely at Your own risk. If Your dog has a heart condition, epilepsy or any other contraindications please inform Us & We may advise a Veterinary referral to Country Canines Hydrotherapy to monitor the condition and obtain Veterinary consent. If you require rehabilitation due to a joint issue or injury then please visit our partner site where we work on Veterinary referral & tailor a targeted & individual treatment plan using Our underwater treadmill therapy & specialised and experienced team of Physiotherapists & Hydrotherapists. 

12. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any pet at any time. For example if Your dog has just had surgery and requires our more tailored and specialised rehabilitation program in our underwater treadmill or that we deem is unfit for swimming.​

13. Whilst every care possible is taken of pets undergoing swims and in the maintenance of the water quality & equipment, all dogs receive treatment entirely at the Owner’s risk;

14. We have a wide selection of pool toys for your dog to choose from but if Your dog is a chewer please bring your own toys that your dog likes to play with in the water - remember it has to be something that floats and is clean!

15. Wear clean shoes into our pool area that you are prepared to get wet such as clean wellies or flipflops and wear suitable clothing. If You do not want to get wet that is fine too and we can ask you to stand back while we shower and swim Your dog.

16. Please note Our cancellation policy is 48 hours notice. Missed or late cancellations will be charged at full rate. We understand that this isn’t always possible and emergencies happen, but please give us as much notice as possible so we can offer Your slot to another customer.

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